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Walmley Golf Club was formed at a meeting in Erdington, Birmingham on 22nd September 1902 after a group of friends, who couldn't play tennis on Sundays, had got in to the habit of knocking a golf ball back and forth in William Ashford's fields, using a bag of golf clubs that two of them had won in a lawn tennis tournament. A nine-hole course was opened on 20th December of the same year with about fifty members taking part.

The course was extended to eighteen holes in May 1908. During the next two years more land was acquired, together with the purchase of a large Victorian house to act as the Clubhouse.

The course was improved and developed steadily until World War II came when, amongst other difficulties, half the course was ploughed up.

In 1962 the Club bought the freehold of nearly all the land in use and sold the land to the north east of Brooks Road that the Clubhouse stood on. The sale of this land enabled the Club to buy the freehold of all the remaining land and to build the modern Clubhouse now in use to a design that allows wonderful panoramic views of the course.

As the course was now wholly owned by the Club, extensive tree planting could take place to create an attractive parkland Course.

In 1982 more land was purchased and the course was further developed to create the 3rd, 4th and 5th hole and provide the water features that the course now possesses.

Further details of the Club history may be obtained from the Walmley Golf Club Centenary Book available from the Club, price £10.00 (Please contact the Secretary here)