Walmley Golf Club is a welcoming club and we want members and visitors
to enjoy our golf course and facilities.

Walmley Golf Club is a welcoming club and we want members and visitors to enjoy our golf course and facilities.

Whilst doing this we request that all members and visitors adhere to our club policy on dress:

On the golf course:

All golfing apparel that can be purchased from professional golf stores or specific golfing outlets will be acceptable.  Any apparel that could be deemed general sporting wear and not recognisable as golfing wear is not acceptable.

Common queries:

Shirts must be tucked into skirts, shorts or trousers with gents’ shirts featuring a collar.  If recognised golf apparel for ladies is designed to be worn differently, that is acceptable.

Logos on shirts should not be prominent (as in football and rugby shirts and school sportswear for example).

Golf shorts do not include those designed for the beach or featuring leg pockets as in combat design.  Golf shorts must not be past the knee in length and three quarter shorts are not acceptable.  Exceptions will be capri pants and cut off trousers for ladies.

Ankle or trainer socks may be worn if they are predominantly white.

All shoes should be designed for playing golf

All baseball caps should be worn with the peak facing forwards.

In the Clubhouse bar/lounge:

During daytimes:

Smart casual attire is acceptable, including clean golf clothing.  This will include all acceptable golfing clothing but will not include any shirts without collars or denim jeans of any description.  Golf shoes of whatever variety will not be allowed in the clubhouse and hats and caps should not be worn at any time.

No waterproof clothing, shower proof clothing or outdoor wear should be worn upstairs in the clubhouse at any time.


After 7pm dress codes will be based on the function that evening.  If there is no function, normal daytime smart casual clothing is acceptable, shorts which should not be worn after 9pm.

When events are planned, dress code in the clubhouse will be classified into the following 4 categories:

·         Black Tie                  Evening dress or cocktail wear

·         Formal                       Jacket and Tie or smart dress or combination outfit

·         Smart Casual           Smart trousers with jacket optional and no tie required

(smart casual includes cords but not denim jeans, leather trousers or leather bomber jackets)

·                                                                               Casual                        Smart jeans permitted (these events are the exception and will be clearly advertised)

At all times, the responsibility for meeting the dress code requirements is that of the member.  If the member is inviting a guest to attend any of the functions, again it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that his/her guest is dressed appropriately for the relevant function.  If the member and/or his/her guest is dressed inappropriately, they will politely and privately be reminded of the dress code rules by the appropriate member of staff,

It is the responsibility of society organisers to familiarise themselves with the relevant dress code and ensure their society members adhere to the rules. Visitors are also expected to check the rules and abide by them.

Please check the website diary or noticeboard in the foyer regarding the dress required for the function you are attending.

The bar and lounge area is for the enjoyment of everyone, therefore please ensure the following:

Outdoor golf shoes, waterproof and shower proof clothing and outdoor coats and jackets are not to be worn.  They must be hung on the pegs provided or left in the locker rooms.  Shirts must be tucked into trousers or acceptable shorts; gents’ shirts must feature a collar.

Ladies gilets designed for indoor wear are acceptable.

Combat trousers, and three quarter length trousers, are not permitted to be worn anywhere in the clubhouse.  Exceptions will be made for ladies’ capri pants and cut off trousers subject to these not being denim or deemed to be cargo pants with pockets on the legs.  Casual informal wear such as jeans and denim wear cannot be worn unless specifically permitted.  Trainers cannot be worn in this area.  Shorts can be worn up until 7pm.  Casual loafer style shoes are acceptable and can be worn barefoot.

Occasions may deem a more formal dress.  In any case, if in doubt, please check with the organiser or the club itself.

Please Note:

·         Enforcement of the dress code will be the responsibility of the member and of the appropriate Walmley professional                      employee.  This should be done in a polite and private manner.

·         Members:  Members visiting the club purely to collect equipment from the locker rooms or trolley store need not comply             with the dress code providing they do not enter other parts of the clubhouse.

·         Members:  Members who have to come to the clubhouse directly from work to play in official team events may arrive in                 their work clothing providing they go straight to the locker rooms and change into acceptable course/clubhouse attire.

·         Visitors:  We appreciate that with dress codes varying from club to club, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that your attire complies, especially if your home club has a relaxed attitude to standards of dress.  If your attire does not meet the Walmley standard, it creates a situation that is both embarrassing for the visitors and sensitive for the club to deal with.  So if you are in any doubt, please do call the club on 0121 373 0029 for clarification.

·         Visitors:  We ask that organisers of visiting parties ensure that their party members are aware of the above.