Walmley G.C. is a modern club and we welcome visitors to enjoy our golf course and facilities.

Whilst doing this we request that you adhere to our club policy on dress as our members do:

On the golf course

Our simple guidline is that any recognised golfing apparel that can be purchased at a professional golf outlet is acceptable.

Common queries:

Shirts must be tucked into shorts or trousers with gents shirts featuring a collar.

Golf Shorts do not include those designed for the beach or featuring leg pockets as in combat design. Ankle Socks may be worn together with trainer type shoe, if they are predominantly white.

In the Clubhouse Bar/lounge:

Daily: Smart casual attire

The bar and lounge area is for the enjoyment of everyone therefore please ensure the following:

Outdoor coats and jackets are not to be worn. They must be hung on the pegs provided or left in the locker rooms. Shirts must be tucked into trousers or acceptable shorts; gents shirts must feature a collar.

Ladies gilets designed for indoor wear are acceptable.

Jeans/denim wear cannot be worn. Trainers or golf shoes cannot be worn in this area. Shorts can be worn up until 7pm. Occasions may deem a more formal dress. In any case, if in doubt, please check with the organiser or club itself.

Mobile Phone Policy:

Mobiles should be on silent and only be used for voice calls in the changing areas or car park. Please refrain from all other areas including the golf course (except in emergency). The use of smart phones for text or email is accepted.

Changing Facilities: These must be used for all changing - including golf shoes, which means that this cannot occur in the car park.

Please Note:

We appreciate, with dress codes varying from club to club, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that your attire complies, especially if your home club has a relaxed attitude to standards of dress. If your attire does not meet the Walmley standard, it creates a situation that is both embarrassing for the visitors and sensitive for the club to deal with. So if you are in any doubt, please do call the club on 0121 373 0029 for clarification.

We ask that organisers of visiting parties ensure that their party members are aware of the above.