Walmley Golf Club

Dress Code

Walmley Golf Club wishes Members, their Guests & all Visitors to enjoy the Course & Clubhouse facilities, and in consideration for all users, are politely reminded of the Club’s Dress Code.

On The Course

All golfers must wear recognised golf attire on the course.
Golf headwear must be worn in the correct manner, with the peak at the front.
Shoes must be of a recognised conventional golf shoe design.
The Club operates a “soft spike only” policy.
Socks should be of a colour and length complementary to the attire worn.
Trousers and shorts must be tailored and smart, not denim and with no “patch” pockets on the sides.
Shorts must not be below knee length, however, ¾ length trousers/capri pants are acceptable for ladies, and traditional plus fours or twos are acceptable for men.
Shirts should be collared and tucked into trousers/shorts unless designed to be worn outside and recognised golf shirts which have “turtleneck/polo/mandarin” style collars are permitted.
Any apparel that could be deemed “general sporting wear”, including Tee shirts with or without Logos, and not readily recognisable as golfing wear is not acceptable.

In the Clubhouse

The club has adopted a smart-casual dress code. This includes the wearing of Smart Jeans (no rips, tears, pre-bleaching or other distressed features) and clean, unsoiled Trainers.
Please note that members, their guests and visitors are required to refrain from wearing,

  • T-shirts with large motifs or prints
  • Sports team shirts & shorts, tracksuits, gym wear.
  • Rubber/plastic beach flip-flops
  • Beachwear and vests
  • Combat clothing (including cargo shorts)
  • Work wear and work-boots, bare or stocking feet
  • Hats/Headgear, unless for religious reasons
  • Golf Waterproofs and golf shoes (these are only allowed in the Spike Bar, Spike Bar Balcony & Cottage Garden Bar and must be clean)

For specific social events, the Social Committee will advise the applicable dress code.
Walmley Golf Club members take personal responsibility in maintaining the dress code for both themselves and their guests.
If a member, their guest or visitor is dressed inappropriately, they can expect to be politely and discretely reminded of the dress code rules.
The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to the Course or Clubhouse if individuals are not willing to comply with this dress code; normal social courtesies; or the rules of golf.
We appreciate that dress codes vary from club to club, so if you are in any doubt, please call the club on 0121 373 0029 option 1 or 4 for clarification.

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